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Gender affirming voice and communication training is individualized to each clients' specific goals. Judith Koza is a highly experienced Speech-Language Pathologist who has extensive experience working with the needs of the transgender population.  Judith is committed to delivering compassionate and evidence-based services that include clinical work, home exercise programs, feedback sessions, and client education.


Judith will support you in safely modifying your voice and communication behaviors. Depending on your goals for your communication, our gender-affirming voice and communication training sessions will focus on verbal and non-verbal communication such as vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, voice quality, and vocalization (e.g., laughing or coughing).


Salus University started a transgender voice and communication support group in March of 2018.  Judith Koza is the facilitator of the group, helping the transgender population raise their voices figuratively and literally.

The group at Salus University, also with the name “Raise Your Voice”, holds monthly meetings in Elkins Park, PA free of charge.  According to Judith, “‘Raise Your Voice’ provides a supportive space where members of the transgender population can learn the science behind voice modification in order to gain techniques and practice with people who are seeking similar goals.”

The group fosters communication among those who share similar stories and backgrounds while in a safe environment. Therapy is conducted in the university setting “to encourage the use of voice techniques and nonverbal communication strategies, as well as supporting a social forum for the transgender community,” says Judith.

Meetings are held online every other week free of charge.

For more information on the meetings at Salus University, contact Judith at or call 609-922-2252.

Be sure to check out the group on Facebook at:

transgender support group
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